The soft lighting and cheerful music provides a warm and comfortable atmosphere. One in which we hope will provide you with an experience that will create lasting memories with your family and friends.

Parlor Desserts & Treats

Who doesn’t like a scoop of fresh ice cream or a hot sugary funnel cake? We serve these tasty treats as well as some of our unique layered Sundae Jars.  Treats everyone can enjoy.

Food, Craft Beer, & Craft Soda

When it comes to determining food we serve, we attempt to provide the right mix of wholesome and  hearty family dishes.

The towns of Davis and Thomas are home to three breweries serving great craft beer. While we don’t brew beer in the Wilderness Pub, we do serve regional favorites so both locals and those traveling from out of town are sure to find a familiar craft on tap. We periodically change our taps as demand and desires dictate.

Please see our facebook page, our menu changes periodically